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Experienced, reputable financial management.

When it comes to your financial future in an ever-changing world, there are three things you can always count on - you'll need a strategy, you'll need to invest consistently, and you'll need to constantly monitor your portfolio. Fortunately, there are three experienced professionals you can count on to help you along the way: Mike Wittenberg, Jeff Priddy and Brenda Blankenship. They are caring financial professionals who take the time to understand the families they represent and work passionately on their behalf.

Client Centered

For years, Mike, Jeff and Brenda worked in the corporate world of financial services. And while their experiences were invaluable, they felt there was a better way. By offering a more tailored service to fewer clients, they could make a bigger, more secure, difference in the lives of their clients.

Their highly personalized service is making an amazing impact for families living in the Triad area. Instead of locking their clients into one-size-fits-all financial plans and services, Mike, Jeff, Brenda and their staff work closely with the people they represent to build a customized, strong path for financial growth and security.

Of the select few they represent, most consider them family friends as well as trusted financial advisors. Call Wittenberg Priddy Blankenship today and find out what Your Financial Friends can do for you!

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