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Jeff Priddy

Jeff Priddy

Partner, Wealth Management

If you talk to Jeff Priddy about his philosophy in life, there’s a good chance he’ll bring up football. Growing up in Walnut Cove in Stokes County, Jeff was a star athlete in his younger years. On the field, Jeff was instilled with a sense of teamwork, discipline and a strong work ethic. Football also provided him with his goal oriented nature and signature drive.

That amazing sense of ambition followed Jeff throughout college at North Carolina State University and into his career in the financial industry. Working his way up to vice president for one of the country’s largest financial services firms, Jeff found out just how important goal-setting was. Over the years, he honed his investment skills and knowledge of financial matters while helping hundreds of families prepare for their retirement.

“I tell my clients honestly what their possibilities are,” says Jeff. “When we look at all we can achieve, the once frightening concept of financial preparation becomes an exciting opportunity.” A dedicated family man, the father of three knows how important security is and puts the goals of the people he represents in the forefront of the decision making process.

“I help you set your goals that become the answers to your security, your future, and your dreams. That’s a responsibility I take very seriously.”